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Here you find useful information if you work at EBC.

Department Info
Here you find information for departments and subdepartments.
[EvolBiol intranet]
- ABI3730xl info
[PlantEco intranet]
[AnimalEcology intranet]

Safety and working environment
Info about safety regulations, what to do in case of emergency, documents etc.

IT quicklinks

Web Editing
- E-mailinglist
Wireless Network

Upplands BrandserviceDry Ice can be ordered from:
Upplands Brandservice
018-69 24 25

Note: you are not allowed to transport dry ice in your car!

Post Office
Here you find information about how to send packages etc.


(00) 112

Quick Links

Introduction Guides

Introduction guides (checklist for new-comers) are available from your personnel administrator. You get more detailed information from each section of the introduction tour. Below are just some of the safety documents.

EBC: Skyddsronder

Checklista för skyddsrond

Checklista för skyddsrond